Neighborhood Friends

Neighborhood Friends at Vibrant Storage

Vibrant Storage is proud to introduce our Neighborhood Friends program, connecting us with local businesses in and around Ridgefield, CT. Situated at 241 Ethan Allen Hwy, our facility is not only a hub for quality storage solutions but also a community partner to the residents of Ridgefield, and other nearby areas. We are located amidst a variety of local businesses, ensuring we meet all your storage and community needs. Discover more about what Vibrant Storage and our Neighborhood Friends have to offer!

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Our Neighborhood Friends Program

At Vibrant Storage, we value community support, which led to the inception of our Neighborhood Friends program. This program facilitates local business partnerships between Vibrant Storage and other local enterprises within the Ridgefield, CT community. How does it work? We have a community Neighborhood Friends bulletin board in-store, displaying the business cards and contact info of local area businesses we recommend, both online and in-person. Customers and guests can pick up a company’s business card from this board, or access a copy of the board’s contact information. Reciprocally, we request that the businesses featured on our Neighborhood Friends bulletin board distribute our storage facility’s business cards and printed materials.

Make sure to check our bulletin board regularly as many local businesses offer special discounts and promotions to Vibrant Storage customers.

Vibrant Storage in Connecticut

Our Neighborhood Friends board serves as a unique opportunity for local businesses to broaden their customer reach through mutual referrals and collaborative marketing. Curious to learn more? Feel free to visit us at 241 Ethan Allen Hwy and speak with our store manager. Plus, you have the chance to get your business card displayed on our Neighborhood Friends board right away!